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zolz entertainment helps make your event memorableYour Corporate Event is an important part of your company's year - whether it is to welcome a new client, raise money for a local non-profit, celebrate your year's succes or honor a special employee.

As the longest tenured successful entertainment company in the Hudson Valley, Zolz Entertainment has built their reputation company on fun. That same fun is the main reason that 99% of the tickets have been sold to Renegades games over the last two decades. If Zolz can entertain 4,500 people a night for almost 20 years imagine how seamlessly that fun can be transferred to your corporate picnic, party or team building event.

Zolz Entertainment is the perfect host for your next corporate event. We can help you make any of the following events a success:

Corporate Picnic

Team Building

Fundraiser for local non-profit

Seminar / Conference

Executive Retreat / Incentive Program

Appreciation Event

Golf Outing






"The worst thing you can do is park a bunch of people in a room and talk at them all day," says Anne Thornley-Brown, president of Executive Oasis International, a Toronto-based consulting firm that specializes in executive retreats and executive coaching. "That's really going to kill the energy...A theme will allow you to do things like introduce team colours, introduce team names, and have games — all of which add to the excitement," she says.


Excerpt from an article written by Claire Gagné for Canadian Business Online



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